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Atolma Productions offers a variety of services, including WordPress web design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and book setup and design. You should choose us to build your next project because we understand what it takes to gaining and maintaining a heavy web presence in today’s world of social media and internet marketing while staying affordable and within your budget.

While hiring a programmer to customize your website from start to finish would cost you thousands of dollars, it’s not ideal because we provide nearly the same services at a fraction of the cost. Small businesses and individuals need a simple, but effective way to reach their audience and that is why we use WordPress. It is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system based on PHP and MySQL that features a template system and plugin architecture and virtually requires no programming skills, thus allowing us to keep our costs low. However, there are certain skills that are required in order to effectively execute a WordPress website to make your company grow.

This is where we help you save the time, hassle and money of hiring a programmer or learning to do it yourself. WordPress is the most popular blogging/CMS platform on the web powering over 60 million websites. No matter how small or large your budget, we work with you to provide the professional online home your company, band or individual personality reflects.

What You Get

WordPress Web Design

  • WordPress Installation: We install and setup the latest version of WordPress to give your website the look and feel and the dynamic functionality it deserves. 
  • Theme Installation: We help you find the theme that best fits your business and/or personal needs. There are millions of free themes (or templates) that are available to be customized. However, we always recommend that our clients purchase a premium theme for even more customization as free themes are often limited and most require undesired sponsored links and theme copyright credits in the footer. You can install and change themes for a different look as often or as little as you want without changing the structure or content. Theme customization includes color schemes, backgrounds, your own logo, sidebar and footer widgets (text and dynamic info) and much more.
  • Flexibility: Wordpress gives you the flexibility to update your website; create, edit and remove posts; add media; moderate comments and so much more from any computer, tablet or mobile device by accessing a single URL (domain).
  • PluginsPlugins are applications that are built specifically for the WordPress platform that provide enriched content outside of the core content, giving your website more dynamic functionality without requiring any coding experience. With over 24,000 plugins to choose from, we can customize your website specifically how you want it. Plugins are practically available for anything you need from embedding YouTube videos to social media content to enabling enhanced security features and much, much more. Most are free while some require a small upgrade fee to access its full functionality.
  • Jetpack: Jetpack is a free set of plugins containing some of the most popular WordPress features and comes with each installation. Some features include free mobile theme integration, website stats, social media sharing and publication syncronization and more.
  • Social Media Integration: Sync your website with all of your social media accounts and expand your audience. Automatically publish content such as news, blog posts, journal entries and more to your social media accounts. Adding “share” buttons allows your visitors to easily share your content on their social media accounts without ever leaving your site. You can also integrate your Twitter and Facebook timelines into your footer or sidebars. Of course, linking your social media pages to your site prevents visitors from confusing your brand with another.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): WordPress makes SEO much easier than any other platform and will allow you to expand your web presence must faster with very little effort.
  • Multi-User Accounts: Have multiple authors? Need separate login credentials for clients? Need to create your own social network? With the User Roles function, WordPress gives you, the site owner, complete administrative access to the content on your site while assigning others with limited functionality. You can add, remove, upgrade or downgrade User Roles at anytime.
  • BuddyPress: BuddyPress allows you to create your own social network by giving you the chance to interact directly with visitors like never before. You can have a forum, chat room, Q&A and much more whenever you like.
  • And More: There’s so much that WordPress offers, it’s impossible to list them all. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Graphic Design

  • Internet: We design eye popping fliers, buttons, banners, icons, logos, headers, social media content and more for any occasion. We work closely with you so you get the desired results you deserve to promote your brand online.
  • Print: We design newspaper and magazine ads, fliers, book covers, CD/DVD/Blu-ray artwork, and any other printable materials you may need. All are provided with 300 dpi or higher for maximum results.
  • Professional Services: Let us create sponsorship proposals, letters and other important documents that will make your brand stand out from the others. All are provided in 300 dpi or higher for maximum results.

Book Layout & Design

  • Formatting: We have experience formatting books for online distribution through Amazon’s self-publishing print service, CreateSpace, as well as all digital formats. Email us the final text copy and we will properly align your book to be printed for the size of your choosing, distributed and marketed through CreateSpace which will also assign you a free ISBN and bar code. You can also sell PDF copies directly from your website to earn maximum revenue.
  • Cover Design: We can design the front cover, back cover and spine that will best identify with your text. Each book published through CreateSpace will get a free bar code on the back cover.

Social Media

  • Design: We can brand your social media sites to match your website, marketing materials, logo, etc. Headers, icons, profile photos, timeline content and more keeps your visitors full of visuals to identify with your company.
  • Manage: We have you covered if you’re not comfortable managing your own accounts. We can help distribute your content from your website, sell your products, advertise your latest adventure, or anything else using social media.